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OLK9 NAILED it! They took my boy coop, which is the world record holder in leash pulling, and made him very controllable and obedient in just 2 weeks. Coop was stubborn and just wanted to do his own thing, and now thanks to his Trainer Nick from OLK9 he listens, does what I tell him to do, not what he wants to do, and I don’t have to worry about him running far with out being able to call him back. I am very impressed with the quality of work that they have performed, and would recommend any and everyone that has a disobedient dog to take them there first! Great job OLK9, and thanks!

Dylan Keyes
How We Train Our Dogs
2 Week Board and Train

The Two-Week Board and Train Program takes the legwork out of the training for you. Drop your dog off for two weeks at “Camp” so he/she can learn the fourbasic lessons and at least two of the advanced lessons. By the time you come back to pick your dog up, he/she will be flawless with these commands, off-leash, and with distractions!

We also offer a lifetime support guarantee with this program.

Aggressive Dog Training

Our Aggressive Dog Package aids in the stabilization, management, and control at home and in public of aggressive dogs for re-entry into the family unit.

This package includes seven lessons with the final eighth lesson being an optional in-home based lesson.

Payment Arrangement: Four monthly payments of $262.50

Obedience Training

Our Basic Obedience Package is $600.00 and will give you everything you need to have your dog off leash, with distractions, completing these commands:

  • Come or Here
  • Sit and extended sit
  • Down and extended down
  • Place – Until released
  • Heel – with a loose leash or off leash
  • Off – Stop any unwanted behaviors
AKC Star Puppy Classes

Don’t wait for the problems to start! Off Leash K9 Training Huntsville offers puppy obedience training with our AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes. This package includes the initial puppy consult.

Payment Arrangement: two monthly payments of $200

Who We Are
About OLK9 Huntsville

Off-Leash K9 Training is an off-leash dog training business based in Athens Alabama; however, we have locations throughout the United States. We specialize in private lessons, dog behavior consultations, and teaching the owners to understand why their dogs do the things they do. This helps create a strong bond between the owner and dog, and without the restriction of a leash.

We believe that 98% of all dogs can be trained to have amazing obedience: regardless of breed, size, shape, or age!

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